SEO Optimized Domain Names

SEO Domain Names

SEO Optimized Domain Names – How Important Are They

Just how important are SEO optimized domain names? There seem to be varying opinions on this subject. However, in my experience an optimized SEO domain name has a definite advantage.

I always purchase SEO optimized domain names for my websites.. and have been doing so for 25 years. If I am going to take the time and spend the money to develop and promote a website.. I want a domain name that lets people know exactly what my site is about.

If my site deals with consumer electronics.. the site will do much better with a name like rather than some random name like

See what the pros have to say about SEO optimized domain names:
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SEO Optimized Domain Names

Does Domain Name Affect SEO

Domain Names Affect on SEO

Should My Domain Name Be a .com?

Yes.. when registering a domain name.. it is always preferable to register a .com
A .com is the most popular TLD (top level domain) and will be the easiest for your visitors to remember.

If you get one of the less popular domain extensions.. your visitors may remember your website.. but not remember the extension. They will enter .com since that is the most popular and best known extension. If your site is not there.. someone else might wind up with your visitors.

If the domain name you want is not available in the .com then try to come up with some suitable alternatives for your domain name.

What’s Up With The .IO Domain Extension?

The .io extension has become very popular with the tech community. Having a .io domain name can be a good way to identify your business as part of the tech industry.

In computer science, “IO” is commonly used as an abbreviation for Input/Output. This means that having a .io domain indicates to anyone seeing your URL that you are someone who is involved in the tech business.

This helps to brand your website. It’s a great branding ploy that will cost you very little but pack a big punch in helping to identify your tech website.

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