Home Loan Application Center

Home Loan Application Center

HomeLoanApplicationCenter.com is a 18 year old premium SEO-optimized domain name.. having been online since January 2006.

This website is in the highly lucrative home loan niche. Home Loan inquiries from the form on the home page are sold to a list of mortgage brokers on a rotation basis.

Additionally.. the site earns income from affiliate programs.. as well as Google AdSense.

The average cost per click for AdSense advertisers in the home loan niche is $13.69 per click.. but can go as high as $32 per click. AdSense publishers get anywhere from 51% to 68% of the click amount.

NOTE: Buyer will have to apply as a Google AdSense publisher as this is not something that is transferrable from one publisher to another. Since the site is currently approved for Google AdSense.. there should not be a problem so long as the new publisher has not had prior issues with Google.

  • Posts/Articles: 10
  • Niche: Home Loans
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Monetization: Inquiries, Affiliate Programs + Google AdSense

The site did very well for a number of years. However.. the owner has recently passed away and his widow wishes to sell the site.

So as not to mislead anyone.. the owner is NOT making any income claims for the site at this time.

Taking into consideration the premium targeted and aged domain name, as well as the high quality articles.. this blog would easily be restored to its original income levels with regular promotion.

NOTE: This domain is anticipated to go up for sale in the near future.

Home Loan Application Center

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